Monday, August 31, 2009

How I got here.... why i am NOT crazy

Back in early 2008 I realized that my son, Nick, was actually going to leave home sometime in the future. Not the near future but 2 to 4 years or so.. and I really didn't want to stay in the Bay Area when he moved out. I moved to the little town I live in today back in 2004 to be near my sister and her family and because of the excellent schools. I didn't feel like Nick was in a good school where we were living before and my job was causing me to travel a lot more than I liked. The real estate market was good so I sold my first "fixer upper" house for a nice profit and moved north... But I knew that I never intended to stay there. It is a great little place for families and really old people, but it is expensive and I feel cramped there. So I came up with the idea to buy a foreclosure house somewhere and start working on it now, so that I can retire there in the future. As the real estate market got worse and worse I got more serious. I used web sites and email alerts to keep track of house prices and first starting looking the Coarsegold area. But that just wasn't feeling quite right.. so I saw a house on an auction in a town call Wilseyville and found the area(s) that I liked. In Jan 2009 I hooked up with a great local realtor who had lived there her whole life and started looking. You would think with all these foreclosures it wouldn't be that hard. I wanted a couple of things and the rest was open for me..
#1 - Had to have enough property so that I couldn't see my neighbors and we would have room to just roam around.
# 2- Had to be within 2 hours of my current house so that driving out on the weekend wouldn't be a burden.
#3 - Had to be within 10-30mins of at least 1 grocery store. (So no cabins way back in the woods by Tahoe where the closest town is 1 hour drive.)
# 4- Price was everything, condition was 2nd...

What did I find with these 4 conditions? You would be shocked.

My Mountain House in Mokelumne Hill

First Blog... ever.. but i have bought a foreclosure house in the town of Mokelumne Hill , CA and thought I would document its progress and renovation.
This is my 3rd home and my 2nd needing extensive repairs so I am not a complete novice. But I am busy! I have a full time job in high tech in SF, another permanent house in Moraga and a teen age son named Nick. All my other remodels have been learning experiences and this one should be as well.

Starting off, i will post some before pictures... and keep you up to date on what Nick and I have been doing.