Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend... lot of labor!

Now I know why they call it Labor Day!

Nick and I went up to the house this weekend and starting working Saturday morning. We had a plumber up to fix the shower in his bathroom.. and I totally forgot about my home warranty! oh well....

Nick's job was cutting firewood up and he got about 2 loads done when the chainsaw stopped working. We spent all day Sunday priming and painting on nick's bedroom... all day and we still need another coat of red paint. His room theme is a 1930's style speak easy.. you know dark wood, rich paint etc.. i have a picture here.
I put in the light fixture to replace the one that the water leak had ruined. Worked on the irrigation for the drip system... etc..
Red paint - 1 coat.. curtain hides the sleeping alcove, think old train car
Light fixture

Fun thing was the goats. Our neighbor has these nubian goats who are very friendly. We would go out and feed them carrots and pet them in the afternoon. Now when i stand at the fence corner and yell for them they come running!
Goat getting a pet from Nick
Leader of the goats- these goats have horns no matter what gender
Shy goat
Couple of the babies...

The other fun thing is the ATV.. we got it because dragging stuff up those hills is a little rough. You will see a picture of how steep my driveway is and understand that hauling loads of wood up those hills is just not going to happen.

Nick riding the ATV
Top of the driveway- Casey & Nick

We have this deck off the back that has a great view... Nick loves to bbq and I like to watch the animals
Nick BBQ's on the deck - taking a break from painting
Covered in paint- he is not a neat painter
View #1 from the deck
View #2 from the deck
Can you see the deer by the tree? We have 2 mom's, 3 babies and 1 teenager that visit us.
Also, here are some of the front views of the house.. I am taking all those trees out. (well not me, i am hiring someone to do it!) They all are too close to the roof and 3 are dead or dying.
Oh and if you ever want to keep your camera and cell phone working... don't put them on the top of your car and drive off.... it really messes them up when they get run over.

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