Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures of the house when I bought it.

Here are pictures of the house and what it looked like when we bought it.. The living room/dining/kitchen are all connected.
The only appliance that they left was the dishwasher and it didn't work.
Kitchen  and dining room have yellow flower wall paper. The wood stove was removed but it is the divide between the yellow dining and the pink living room....

The wood floors are not levelled but "curled" so some are flat and come are convex and some are concave. And they have gaps between the planks of up to 1/4 inch so it is impossible to clean.
The pink living room walls continue down the hallway to the 1st bathroom... which is robin's egg blue.
Now down the hall is a small spare bedroom in white...
Then we come to the master bedroom which I don't know how to explain. It was added on to after the house was built and they put an space like a family room and office there. And the laundry room as well.. but the only way to get there is through the master bedroom. This is the main reason I think the house didn't sell. Lots of people couldn't see past this horrible remodel and just crazy floorplan.
This is standing at the master bath area and looking into the remodel.
The door to the right goes to the office/laundry room.
then you have the master bath.. open to the room
Lots of work that needs to be done.
And lastly downstairs is a bedroom and full bath that Nick is getting for his bedroom. This is where the water leak happened. That hall bath upstairs had a broken shower valve and that was the leak. It was a slower leak in the walls and then down through the ceiling of the lower bedroom.
I should have known there was a problem because this floor is cement.. all the carpet is torn out.
This does have a walk in shower that is really nice. But the whole room is needing some work.
Well it is Friday night and i am going to get packed and go up there. I hope to get some primer up on the walls at least!

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