Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain Lightning Thunder - Oh my!

I am staying in Moraga this weekend and last night was a wild one! We had several bouts of lightning and thunder and sporadic rain... really neat! We usually don't get these kinds of storms and hopefully it won't start any fires. My poor dog hates thunder as do most animals.. she crawled under my bed side table when it started happening. If you have seen her picture here standing next to the ATV, you know she isn't a little dog, weighing around 70lbs, but man she can curl up small! My neighbor has 4 cats and you would think that they would be hiding too. But I just looked outside and 1 of them is on the roof just looking around... we think he is permanently high because he is always so mellow!
I need to get outside and fix a vent that is draining water into the garage.. should be fun! Home projects never seem to stop...


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