Monday, September 21, 2009


I went for a quick trip out to the house this saturday, coming back sunday.. just to check on things and see if I can get anything done. It was a bit warm, hitting around 90 degrees and for some reason I decided to work on the drip system. OUTSIDE. Sometimes I even amaze myself with the strange decisions I make. The plan was to fix the drip line and then spend the rest of the day inside... so i started working on the line that covers the citrus trees. Tinkered here and there on it and of course there is water going everywhere making all this mud.. on a hill... with trees that have thorns and ants... so i dig some steps into the hill.. in the heat. See? Sometimes i just shake my head at myself. Anyway i would work for 1 hour and then go in for an hour while i drank a gallon of water and go back out. Things were going okay until I turned on the lines that I worked on over labor day weekend. I repaired lots of broken drip emitters.. but there was water shooting up in the air down at the bottom of the hill. Picture of the hill...

Do you ever have those conversations with yourself, or your dog, where you just are not believing what you are seeing? Cuz you know you fixed that line and the time it took to do that? I drug my wheelbarrow down the hill and stared at the leak spot for a second trying to comprehend what I was seeing. My pristine new emitter was there and not broken.. but there was a hole in the small hose that connects to the big one. I bend down and see not a hole but it was chewed clean through by little teeth... Rats had chewed my new lines to get to the water inside. 2 of them were that way.. just when i was thinking i was done i had more repair work to do.. i covered the new lines with stones to hopefully dissuade them varmints next time. 
And while i am going through all this my dog has been roaming around and getting hot and laying under the trees. I call her and she comes prancing down the hill and i see that she is covered in mud.. she was laying in the wet spots that i had been working on before... it was actually kind of funny! She is older and very dainty and feminine for a big dog and to see her side, chest, belly and tail in mud was hysterical. But she was so hot!
A squirt with the hose was not what she had in mind but it cleaned her up... and then a full bath when we got home.
I didn't get any painting done but it was okay... KC and I were "dog" tired and stayed in watching a movie later that night. Trying to balance my time up there with some work and some relaxing.. so it is not all work.

Watching the sunset from that deck is just amazing.. you see all the trees turn colors as the sun hits them just right. One tree off in the distance is the neon green almost and it stands out from the others.. it is so relaxing. And all the animals start "going home" for the night while the night shift animals start coming out. I know i bit off a bit more than I bargained for, but sitting on that deck in the morning with coffee or at sunset with a glass of wine is so worth it...

These next 8 days is the busiest time of the quarter for me so I won't be up there for at least 2 weeks. Next weekend we have an ATV safety class so that should be fun!


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