Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful October Sat in Moraga - 10/3/09

I couldn't make it up to the house last weekend because of work and again this weekend because of the ATV class. Nick and I are taking an ATV safety course this afternoon in Antioch and actually the weather is perfect here! The high will be about 75 degrees as opposed to last weekend when it was 105 or so! Since we have this high powered ATV and are riding it on hills that are pretty steep, I thought that would be a good idea to take this class. Nick is the typical teen boy who believes he was born with the genes to drive things and why does he need lessons? But he is still going and it should be fun, if a bit tiring!
I am hoping that I can get some pictures and post them here later..
Also, October 16th is Nick's 17th birthday but the birthday parties go on all month long... after the ATV class tonight some of his friends and him are going to a movie and pizza here in town. Then next weekend we will be back at the MokHill house! Finally! And I am taking Monday off so I will have a 3day weekend up there with Nick. The tree guy called and he said about 1/2 the trees are down and the rest will be down next week... which is great because I want to get the wildflower meadow going out front before the rains come. I have packets of seeds but still think I need more... so I am on the lookout for a good deal on wildflower seeds.
We also got a big truck for the house, a Nissan Titan and I think Nick posted pics on facebook but I will see if I can get some too. Then the birthdays continue.. he has 1 weekend at his dad's for his b-day and then 1 weekend in Madera for the family party... A whole month of parties for his birthday... wow!
Got to get going now... will try and get pictures up after the class...

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