Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BRRR- Cold in Moraga

Still in Moraga but will get to mokehill this weekend.... the ATV safety class was fun and now I am "certified" on the ATV. (Please no jokes about being "certifiable"! I know that was too easy and you couldn't help yourself.) They had different ATV models than what we have and they were fun because they were smaller and able to take turns faster.  Although I was slow compared to the other guys in the class! And my shoulders are so stiff, because it takes a lot of work on those things to get it to turn.

The weather has really changed and I am hoping that we are heading into fall/winter now. (Rain is forecast for next week so that will be the second rain shower in October which is pretty early!) I can't wait for a big storm to happen when I am up at the house! I bet it is impressive when the wind is howling around that place... I will not be able to afford the new windows this year so I expect it will be drafty. But we have the woodstove and that should heat the house up good. Now if we can only get the firewood finished! Nick is coming up this weekend and if we can get Dad's saw fixed we might be able to get it done.

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