Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Weekend

Nick, Jason and I went up to the house this weekend and it was quite a surprise to see all the trees in the front cut down. I knew it was coming since I hired them but it sure looked different. All that was left was piles and piles of wood... when all that dries I will have a bunch of firewood for the next few years..

Here is a before picture:

Front before

And here is now..

Front minus the trees

Because I live in a high fire area I am supposed to have 100 ft of defensible space around the house. I think I have it now! The blue tarps are covering the piles that are left out in the yard because it is supposed to storm really hard this week. We moved one pile under the deck in the back to give it a better shot at staying dry. I am going to put out some wildflower seeds and hope they take... just to try and keep down the weeds.

When we drove up on Saturday the deer were everywhere including a new buck that we hadn't seen before. (actually, he might have been the "teen" deer we saw in early summer that was hanging with the baby. Only now he has some small antlers.) He was hanging out with the 2 females and our "baby" that was born there... she is getting big !
Here is her picture...

Our baby is about 3 months old now... she is not afraid of us at all.. and loves to hang out in the yard with the fruit trees.

Also in that area I found a baby rattle snake..

Can you see him in the middle of the picture?
I moved him to the other side of the hill where we don't go.. didn't want him to cause any trouble with the dog and kids. Although the dog has a rattlesnake vaccine now so even though it would still hurt her, it won't kill her. Which makes me wonder, why do they have rattlesnake vaccines for dogs and not for people?

All weekend we heard about the storm that is coming tomorrow.. in every store that I went to they were talking about it. The locals were all getting prepared because it is supposed to have 50 mph winds and 2 to 4 inches of rain on Tuesday. I wish I could have stayed for it but have to get back to work sometime, and once again, we were all out of clean clothes. You get so dirty working up there! The boys had a blast and even dragged a log up to use by the fire pit. (On the ATV of course! ) They worked hard cutting up wood and helping me move the other wood around. But we have to have fun as well so they got to ride the ATV just for fun... My back hurt too much so I couldn't ride it this weekend. Next weekend hopefully I will be better and can do it..

Still no painting done! Oh well, it was important to get things set up before that storm hit..maybe next time? I think I have to have a wine and paint weekend with my friends... lure them up there with winery tours and surprise them with a room to paint! Hmm..  I may not have any friends left after that!


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