Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Trip - 10/17/09

I went up to the house this weekend for a quick overnight trip to check to see how things were after the big storm. According to the locals the winds were fierce and the power went out but everything looked okay. No leaks in the house and the crawl space was dry, so that is a good thing.

There were dozens of baby lizards running around, about 2-3 inches long feasting on the bugs that the rain brought out. Oh the bugs were just crazy! We have had a pretty bug free couple of months, but this weekend there were things flying in the air that I had never seen before. My young buck was there again in the back yard area. He is just not afraid of me even though I tried to shoo him off so I can let the dog out. He actually seems to be interested in what I am doing... not the smartest deer in the herd. Thankfully, we don't allow hunting in the subdivision so he should be safe as long as he stays around.. he is just too familiar with people to be in "wilder" areas. He would never survive!  

I didn't do much because I have been fighting a cold.. just hung up some mini-blinds in the bedroom. I don't need any window coverings for privacy because no one can see me, but I do for the light coming in the morning. Casey seems to think that as soon as it gets light out it is time to wake up! Which means it is time for me to get up... at the crack of dawn. Here in Moraga it is almost always overcast in the morning so she gets up when my alarm goes off... but there.. it is bright in the morning and all the animals are making noise and my normally lazy dog becomes energized.
The same thing happens with people as well. After the Columbus Day weekend Nick said that I was actually acting like a normal person on vacation. I have vacation "to-do" lists running in my head the same as my normal "to-do" lists and find it hard to slow down. I get this from my dad who took us to Hawaii when I was 15 or 16 and made a point of seeing everything on the islands worth seeing... no laying on the beach for us! Nope we got our money's worth from that vacation. But up there, I know I have at least 2 years of work but it seems I am also okay just sitting on my deck watching the animals.
Speaking of my dog Casey, where did it get written in the dog genetic code that rolling in stinky stuff is a good thing? She went out and found a mess of deer poo.. diarrhea like stuff and rolled in it with determination and purpose. I mean come on! She hates baths so I have to tie her up outside to hose her off..I just don't get it. I watched one show that said that wolves do it to mask their scent when they are hunting, but the only thing my dog hunts is flies. (She is really good at that too!)
I was hoping my rat problem would go away with the trees gone but even with the rat highway and bridge system torn out, they are still there. (Determined little varmints!)  I have the stuff now to really go after them and block all their entrances but was not up to balancing on a ladder that was set on a slope while all alone. Nope... so they get to enjoy the good life for a bit longer.

Almost over this stupid cold and next week is the final birthday party for Nick at my parent's house.. so the birthday month is finally going to be over!

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