Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taxes and Home Warranties

This week has been so strange because I have been sick and still trying to work and do house stuff..
My home warranty company on this house has a big problem with property address vs. mailing address. It has been since June and they still can't seem to mail me the warranty information to my Moraga address. I called them again to request it and to ask if my policy covers rats.. and unfortunately it doesn't. Bummer...so it is back to the planned assualt whenever I can get back there again.
I highly recommend a home warranty especially the first year, just not sure I will use this company again.
Just paid the property tax bill on both houses and it is strange... the Calaveras county tax collector has valued my property at $70,000 more than I paid for it. I think that is probably right since other houses in the area are selling for $200k more.. but still.. why didn't they use the sales price?
Oh and my financial adviser said I need to build up my cash reserves again.. only have about 2 months worth in there. That was something I was aware of with all the expenses I have had... but I am working on paying down my debt. Maybe I will change that up a bit and move more into my emergency fund when I sell my stock next time.

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