Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wildflower Seeds- in BULK!

I was able to find an online resource for wildflower seed mixes that are just for my area... trouble is that I had to buy 2 pounds to meet their minimum order size. That will cover about 6000 sq ft so I will be spreading them around lots of places I guess... more than I thought I would. Hope something actually grows!

The stump grinder guy called and he finished the stumps in the front yard. But then said that when he was unloading the grinder from his truck, the truck lost traction and slid down my driveway into a fence post. And got stuck.. so he had to call out a tow truck to "unstick" him.. apparently my fence post is bent a little and his truck is fine. I can just imagine what that must have looked like! And thankfully the post stopped it from continuing down the hill or he would have been in a world of hurt!
** Just got off the phone with Tom, the guy who did the stump grinding. He parked his truck and trailer on my driveway on the hill. The slope there is steep... and he could have pulled up to the flat part on top. He put it in park and proceeded to off load the grinder. When the grinder hit the ground, the weight came off the trailer and popped the wheels up on the truck and it started sliding. The truck headed to the left and the trailer went 90 degrees to the right. This means the truck was sliding to go over that steep hill next to the road. It hit one of my big fence posts and stopped but was completely wedged since the trailer was 90 degrees from the back of the truck.. he had to have a tow truck come out and yank everything into the right position. I can't imagine the horror of watching your vehicle start sliding towards that hill! He says he has learned his lesson and will now use blocks.. good grief!**

Oh and the home warranty saga continues.. just got an email from the company saying that all my mail is being returned to them. Really? Maybe if you would fix your records after the first time I called it would help! Sorry... sarcasm sneaking out.. :) So I politely emailed them the correct MAILING address and hopefully the 4th time is the charm!

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