Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I ditched the Moraga house for a quick trip up to Mokehill this past Halloween weekend. Not a lot to share but I did get the wildflowers seeds out there, and the plants my mom's friend gave me got planted. So some stuff got done on my list!
My dog, Casey, found me a Halloween trick in the garage...

Baby Scorpion in my Garage
He/She was very small about 1 1/2 inches so I wasn't feeling threatnened at all.. in fact it was so small it disappeared into a crack in the floor! Casey hears these things or smells them and goes over and sniffs around until I notice what she is doing and come investigate. It was a bag on the floor that she never paid attention to before.. and there she is pushing it with her nose trying to move it. So I waltz over and pick it up and this big beetle comes out! I mean big... 2 inches or more! (that thing scared me!) I think that is what all the fuss is about and I go to move the bag, and there is a movement again.. and there is this little scorpion. Kinda of a creepy moment to have on Halloween...and my dog is going nuts because she wants to eat it and I am trying to get a picture of it...i got a bad one as you can see. (My life sometimes feels like it should be on candid camera... or for the young crowd out there... punk'd. I sometimes catch myself doing stupid/clumsy/crazy things and think, I am glad no one is here to see this!)

There are 3 things up in the hills that give people trouble:
1. Rattlesnakes  - poisonous
2. Scorpions - Ouch!
3. Tarantulas - Scary but not poisonous

I have had 2 of 3 so far... waiting for my next creepy crawlie!

Oh! I got my home warranty information finally!! Scorpions are not covered... I checked..


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