Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !

Today is Thanksgiving and it is my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas. It is the first time though that I have spent it by myself. It was totally my choice to come up to Mokehill even though Nick has to be at his dad's house and my parent's were at home. Saturday, my parents are coming, my aunt and uncle who live in Oregon and maybe my sis and niece and my cousins... lots of maybes but I am happy with whomever comes.

I am at the house right now and using an ATT connection thingie my work gave me in case of an emergency. It sorta works.. but it is slow and takes a long time to load things. This webpage took 5 mins..

Today I got a call from my neighbor in Moraga that a transformer blew out and some of the appliances were smoking... and the fire dept was there and yes... my house was affected. They couldn't get in to check but looked through the windows and didn't see anything on fire. PGE is supposed to pay for the damaged items so when I get home I will have to check. Everything was off but I have that big flat screen tv and nick's gaming computer that are really expensive... hope they made it okay.

I have been  priming the kitchen walls and got that done finally. I was painting the kitchen ceiling but ran out of paint so I will need to get some tomorrow and finish it. Hope Lowe's isn't a zoo... don't see how it could be but you never know.

Walked down by the creek and saw a covey of quail with at least 30 birds! Amazing! We have them in Moraga but not that many in one group. They are living in that mass of branches from all those down trees. So maybe I will leave those for now.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! And I hope this gets posted... 


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