Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quiet Sunday... in Moraga

I needed to stay home this weekend and just try and recover some.. running between the 2 houses and working has made me tired. But today I feel much better and will go out and work in my (little) yard here that I have been neglecting so much. I have some tulip bulbs that are sold in sets that I bought to plant in pots. They have been "chilling" in Nick's drink frig and he had a hard time explaining to his friends why they were there! Oh well! We picked up a sofa bed, chair and drop leaf table this weekend for free. I belong to this yahoo group called freecycle and this lady was getting rid of all this stuff. I got the sofa and chair for nick's basement room and the table for the dining room. I am going over the Thanksgiving weekend and my parent's might come up so I needed a bigger table. And did I mention it was free?
This group is a great resource for giving and getting stuff. I got someone to pick up the bricks in my yard for free off of it. Annoyed my dad because he said I should have sold them but I knew that I didn't have the back strength to dig them out and stack them and the sell them.. so someone else did it for me.
They have all sorts of things on there and you would be surprised at what people are trying to give away.
To find a group go to Yahoo Groups and type in Freecycle to find the one in your area.


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