Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

These are pictures that my Mom took over thanksgiving weekend..

Here are some pictures from that Thanksgiving weekend - I don't seem to have any with my cousins though...

What a beautiful weekend..

My dad holding his dog Sophie and my uncle Don

My mom Carol and her sister (aunt)Vickii

Don wondering how he can get my ATV in his Nissan (behind him)

Dad, Sophie (back turned to camera) Mom

Vickii, Dad, Don and Nick

The morning after the night from hell when Casey woke me up every hour. I am trying to smile but just staying awake was a chore. Why do they look so happy?

Vickii, Don and some big Amazon that showed up for dinner. We tried to use the play house to keep Sophie in but Dad had a problem with that...

Wow! we are a pale bunch... and when did I get that fat?

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