Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rain Rain Rain - Safety Third!

The past couple of weeks in California have been really wet and rainy... getting to the point of soggy. Nick, Casey, Jack (Nick's Friend) and I went up to the house for the weekend. I want to start getting some pictures of the area around the house and the trip between the house. There is one little town called Lockeford that you can drive through that looks like it is from a time warp. My grandparents were living there when they died so it is a town I know but not really well. Anyway, you can tell the highway that runs through it used to be the main street and there is one business that cracks me up everytime I pass it....

Lockeford Donuts & Liquors
What else could you possibly need?

The towns that I pass through have been there for a long time, most since the mid-1800's. Mokelumne Hill was part of the gold rush in 1849 and the current hotel there is a historic landmark. It was the first county courthouse in California. It is a really nice Victorian style hotel now,
Hotel Leger

It was for sale a while back but I don't see it listed any longer.. The sidewalk you see there is made of wood planks and I stood on the top balcony for the 4th of July parade and it sloped something awful! But you could actually imagine the downtown area during the gold rush, it is that authentic still. But it isn't a ghost town at all. People live there and have businesses and the people of Mokehill just seem to love being part of the community.   Here is a listing from about another victorian style house that is for sale off of the main street there..

Just an unique way to live.

Since the weather was sunny up there for only about 4 hours we played a lot of games that weekend.. the boys are into the electronic stuff of course but surprisingly they also liked some of the traditional games like chess and poker...
Jack and Nick playing poker - hey the sun is shining!!

Also a word of advice for those trying to shove a piece of wood into a woodstove and you are not quite sure it will fit... cut the wood smaller! I thought I could persuade a big piece of wood to go into the stove and while I was ultimately successful, I got a 3rd degree burn on my right hand. It was one of those things that register with your brain faster than you feel the pain, because the heat vaporized the skin level nerves. Yep, delayed screaming but screaming there was... It has been a week now and it about 90% scabbed over but it is just ugly. And it still hurts. I am sure the scar from it will be something to explain to people for awhile. Anyway - Safety Third!


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