Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunsets and Mushrooms - 1/10/2010

Casey and I went up for a quick trip this weekend.. and it was just lovely!
No FOG! 
The bay area and the central valley have had fog for about a week now.. and as I was driving through it to the house I kept hoping I would be high enough to be out of it. As I left Valley Springs and headed up the last 10 miles or so the fog lifted and it was sunny! I am not going to lie, it was really cold but at least I had sun. I did move some firewood and put up some curtains, but mainly I walked around using my new camera for the day.

If you remember, this summer I left my digital camera (and cell phone) on top of my car and drove off with it. When I remembered what I had done, it was still working. But about a month ago, the 5+ year old camera starting saying it was out of batteries after 2 pictures on a brand new set... so I figured it was time to get a new one.
I got one after Christmas and just love it... The sunset on Saturday was spectacular because of all the fog in the valley... here are some shots from the weekend.

Wildflowers are sprouting!

Kitchen primed - better than the yellow wallpaper!

Fog in the valley- these are from the deck

Sunset Pictures

All the rain and snow made everything really damp and there must be 10 different kinds of mushrooms on the property right now... wish I could find truffles!

No - I don't eat wild mushrooms, I am not that brave. But they come in so many different sizes and colors it is amazing... these above are less than 1/2 inch wide caps. While there are two here that i saw with 6-8 inch wide caps!

These are some random pictures of the property down in the meadow area.

This is the rock that Nick calls "butt rock"

Can you see the water in the web?

Tree that fell across the creek

As an experiment I bought an TV antenna to see if we get any channels up there. The answer is yes, but they are all in Spanish. So I watched Bad News Bears for a bit in Spanish.. kind of a trip!
When I bought the antenna Nick was with me and had a hard time processing what it was for... he asked if I was going to hook the antenna up to cable? The idea of tv signals roaming in the air for free was new to him... shows me old I am !

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