Monday, February 15, 2010

3 Day Weekend - 2/15/10

This weekend was a 3 day weekend thanks to President's Day today.. and it couldn't have been any prettier up there.

Saturday I finally painted the kitchen! Remember the yellow wallpaper? Well it took 3 coats of primer and now one coat of Tradewind blue but it looks great.


Casey even likes it..
We also have a few more deer visiting than before... not sure if they are just passing through or planning on hanging around. About 6 of them..mostly juveniles with 2 females.

They always looks surprised to see me!

Sunday was Valentine's day so I went to Folsom to meet my parents, my sis and her family for lunch in Folsom. The place was right on the American River and was so pretty!

The local Packard club was meeting at the same place we were having lunch.

Jacob with a look that says " Man am I cool!"

Laine finally agreed to let me take her picture..

Matt & Denise

mom & dad

After that I went back and planted a couple of bareroot Pomegrante trees.. we will see how they do. And finally... more sign pictures.

My street sign

And another sign that makes me laugh! An advertisement for a $5.00 hamburger in a field with a group of cows. Seriously... who thinks up this stuff!

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