Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feb 27-28,2010

I went up to the house this weekend and took Nick, his friends Jack and Jason, and the dog all in the truck. It was a loud ride up and back... you think teenage girls are loud? These kids were amazing!

The boys did move a big pile of wood for me so that was nice of them... when they were moving the last piece of wood they found the biggest black widow spider that I have ever seen.
Can you see the black grape looking thing in the middle? That was a black widow..
They also got creative when they were stacking the wood..

Some kind of wood man thing..

We had a short trip but saw a wonderful rainbow and sunset on Saturday and a bunch of hawks flying a screeching on Sunday.


sunset - i just don't get tired of this..

At night they spent time in Nick's basement room playing pokemon...
jack & jason

Sunday morning , Nick cooked breakfast for them... bacon, potatoes, corned beef hash and eggs.. it is just a mess.. but Casey loves it!
breakfast - anyone want to drop something?

On the ride home, Jack and Jason were throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't go by Walmart. They never stopped talking until they fell asleep...

Yes Casey is a happy dog...

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