Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 12-13, 2010

Ah.. a weekend alone, well Casey was with me but since she can't ask me to take her to Walmart, it was quiet. Since it was just a one night stay and I have been working my butt off at work I didn't do alot...

My parents spent some time up there last week and did some things for me which was nice! Dad installed that ceiling fan I bought over the summer and never got to put in.
Doesn't it look nice? Thanks Dad!

He also continued the repairing of the window screens so slowly I will have a screen in every window! I took a walk down the hill by my little stream and it was actually running! With all the rain it is acting like a mighty creek! Well not really... I uploaded some video of it to You Tube and you can get there in the side panel.
While down there I saw more mushrooms, I think I need to get a book or take a class because there are so many varieties and I would like to be able to identify them.
Isn't this pretty?

Also down there though.. were a bunch of baby poison oak plants that were just sprouting...
Pretty isn't it? Makes you want to touch it..

I sprayed all of those with a special Roundup that is specially made for poison oak and ivy.. hope it works. There were about 30-40 of these buggers popping up.
Lastly, these irises that were on the property when I bought it, and somehow survived almost 9 months without any care are starting to bloom. They are truly survivors!
Pretty Survivors
Most of the apple trees are not going to make it though so I will be pulling them out. There is so much work to do! I sometimes get anxious that I will not get it all done. But I remind myself that I can only do so much.. and be happy with the progress I have made so far.
One thing I did was visit a couple of local businesses, in my quest to see how people make money up there. My goal is to find something I can do that will make enough money for me to move there permanently.

Stop #1 - The French Hill Winery
Just a nice little winery with lots of wine made from foothill grapes.. the chardonnay was amazing! It had a lot more depth and character than regular chardonnay's that I have tasted. Not the usual light and fruity but just really nice. A winery would be nice but the bad news is they are going out of business... so maybe not such a good idea after all.


Stop #2 - Calaveras Nursery
This is a massive tree nursery on Hwy 12 just outside of Valley Springs that I pass everytime I go up and have wanted to visit. I drove in there and was just stunned by the acres of trees for sale and the fact that there wasn't anyone else around... kinda felt like the start of a horror movie, "Slasher 19 - Revenge of the Angry Oaks". I parked and got out and waited and this older man drives up on his cart, about 70 years old, with sun damaged skin. I have spent 100's of hours in nurseries studying plants and trees, but this place was something else. I asked him if he had any dogwoods and he shows me just a couple of rows of baby trees that he has started from seed but doesn't want to sell me because I will be disappointed because they won't bloom until they are 5-7 years old. You see where this is going? So we talk about all the types of dogwoods and what grows best and I ask about his business.
  • He grows all of his trees from seeds or acorns! All of the thousands of trees for sale he planted himself!
  • His stock is 90% Oak trees.
  • He mainly sells to cities like sacramento and stockton and the large land developers.
  • Once in awhile he gets lost homeowner's like me wandering in, but no, he doesn't stock crepe myrtle either.
That was my cue to leave.. after discussing the hybridization of the crepe myrtle, I went back to the house. I could do that job but once again, not sure what kind of money you would get for the effort.

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