Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mushroom Books and Aquaponics - Happy Birthday Dad! (3/28)

Aqua what?

I saw this article online at the that was talking about this new cross between hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (raising fish for food). It is pretty clever. You have a fish tank that you pump the water out and use to water and fertilize the plants, and the plants clean the water and it goes back to the tank.
There is actually a little kit that home depot sells but it $250 for just a 10 gallon tank set up with a small planting bed. (Amazon search has it for $500!)There are websites as well that sell big systems for thousands of dollars. I searched for books on it and only found a couple and have ordered them. I am thinking that I might try this on a small scale and see how much work it is to maintain and if it will be a benefit or just a novelty.(See picture in next blog)

If I don't like it I can give the fish tank to my sister again!

And finally I ordered a book on mushroom identification so that I can put names to some of these pictures of mushrooms I have posted here. Those who know me, know that I love plants and actually studied horticulture and landscape design while I was laid off in 2002. Not knowing the names of all these is making irritable.. :) The book is the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms."

I am stuck in Moraga this weekend because it is quarter end again.. but my family is using the house to get together to celebrate my dad's birthday. These kind of events make me happy that I bought it.. it is centrally located, has lots of space and it is so calming that people like to go and just sit on the deck.

***Happy Birthday Dad! We all love and appreciate you so much!! ***

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