Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Weekend in April

After all this rain, it was so nice to have sunny weekend to get up to the house and hang out with Nick and Jack. Nick has paintball guns and has been dying to use them and set up a course. His victim was his friend Jack who Casey just loves!
Trying to explain how it works to Jack. Why do they have to have the masks on when they are doing this? Casey seems to be trying follow along as well.

Okay they are ready to go out and kill Zombies!

We got there late friday night and watched "Zombieland" just to get them in the mood. They took some pallets and set them up in the trees as things to hide behind and they seemed to have a good time. The only work I got out of them was to have Nick use the string trimmer on some weeds up by the front gate. I used it myself to cut a path to my avocado tree.. the grass is about 3ft tall right now! Not sure how I am going to get the weeds knocked down hopefully I can do enough to mitigate the fire danger. (My dad keeps saying GOATS, but Casey is not a fan.. so no goats..)
The wildflowers are blooming and some of the seeds we planted in Feb are finally sprouting... it has just been too cold and wet to get them going but they finally are poking their "heads" up.
Here are some from my front yard:

There are others that I took a picture of but they are not too good.. the camera focused on the weeds around them instead of the flowers.
The previous owners left some bird houses in the yard and the birds are really using them! They are on the second round of babies for the year.
Not much to look at but the birds like them.
I worked on the tile for about 3 hours and made a little progress... man it is slow going! The stairs slope and pitch and are just not level so each tile is custom cut. I will get it done just no idea when! I got my fishing license and now are gear is up there so I want to go fishing sometime. Next weekend I am at my parent's so maybe the weekend after that...

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