Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have "maxed out" my vacation time at work so I am taking this week off. First I am going to see my parent's for Easter and get my hair cut.. then up to Mokehill for some quality project time.

My goal is to paint the living room... plant the avocado (mexicola grande) tree and get flooring down in Nick's room.

I have decided to try something a little different and put down plywood. The room is below grade and on a concrete slab so I need something that can be replaced in case of water damage. I was leaning towards hardwood but that is kind of expensive if it gets damaged. I saw a show on HGTV (one of my favorite channels) where these people with a big expensive house used plywood on the floor. It was stained and varnished and it looked great.. plus that would be easy to cut out and replace if it got damaged at all.

I need Nick to help do it though since I can move the furniture out myself. He will be there starting Thursday.

My family celebrated my dad's birthday up there and my dad and nephew were working on the play house. Here are some pics that my mom took of them:

Yes Denise, that is a hatchet in his hand...

Also here is a picture from my Moraga house-
Tulips in a container

Since there isn't any internet up there, I will not be online until I get back. I am off to pack and hit the road.

Everyone have a Happy Easter!

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