Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

It was Memorial Day weekend this past weekend and the weather was terrific finally! The high on Sunday got to about 85 degrees which was a shock to the system considering how cold and rainy this year has been.

Poor Nick! He had to go to the house with me without any of his friends! And I forgot my camera which sucked...no pictures to post. I saw this millipede I wanted to take a picture of but my screaming made it run away.

So what is happening?
1. WASPS - they have invaded my house and are making nests just inside the roof in the attic (i think). I tried everything this weekend. I covered all the entrances with wire mesh, used that expanding foam stuff, and lots of poison. Nothing seemed to work. I will see if they go away because of everything I did and if not hire an exterminator. They are not aggressive like yellow jackets, and they left me alone even when I was doing stuff to block them out. My dad is going to get upset because that expanding foam makes a mess! I am not going to use it anymore but I was desperate!

2. WEEDS - One thing that all this rain has done is make the grass and weeds grow like, well, weeds. Now I understand that saying completely. When your dog can run through the weeds and disappear that is tall. I tried chopping some down and got the back little bit by the house done. Nick did some more near the front but we realized that our hand held string trimmer is never going to "cut it". (sorry bad pun!) I have been researching renting goats, hiring someone and pull behind brush mowers and finally decided to go with the mower. I have been investigating them and found one on Lowes.com that was a really good price. So I have ordered it and will pick it up next time I am there.

3. Landscape work - I have decided to hire a landscape contractor to help me with some of the heavy labor, like rebuilding a retaining wall and fixing irrigation pipes. Just put the calls in today so we will see what happens. I hate spending the money but my time is shorter than I need to get this stuff done, my energy is not enough and I just want some things fixed so I can work on more improvements. The one issue I have found with hiring contractor's up there is that they don't show up all the time. Some don't even call you back! The most reliable guy was my tree guy, Loggin Logan, and he told me his secret was that this wife kept him organized and on schedule.

While up there I bought a copy of one of my new favorite magazines, Hobby Farms, and Nick read it. He has decided that we should try and live on the farm and do stuff to make money. (He is fascinated with "hair sheep". No wool so nothing to shear and they apparently have better leather and taste better than wool sheep.)
Well, as much as I want to do that, I am not ready yet. He is just finishing High School and needs to get to college and work in the real world for a bit. Besides, he is hoping that the proposed law passes, pot becomes legal and we can grow that! Great... that wouldn't make be paranoid or anything.

I can't get back up for about 3 weeks because of all the things going on here. So hopefully the plants will survive!

Welcome Summer!


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