Sunday, July 4, 2010


It has been a really long time since I posted anything.. but life just got in the way... 

After Nick's graduation weekend - came my Mom's 38th birthday weekend which was also the same weekend as father's day... So I went to visit them and get my haircut.

The next weekend was my birthday weekend and since my mom is 38 that makes me... 14! Yuck... don't want that... I finally got to the house that weekend but came back to quarter end craziness and no time to update anyone. 

I had Friday off from work and drove up there that morning. I got a landscape contractor to rebuild that retaining wall in the garden area and he was going to finish up on Sat. I have lots of pictures of the wall, lizards, bugs and birds.

The area were the wall was built was cleaned out and that included a debris pile of rotting landscape timbers that was home to lots of lizards. They have now moved to the wood piles and I think there are at least 30-50 around my house. I remember last fall seeing dozens of 1-2 inch long baby lizards and the wet winter must have been good for them. I am okay with lizards because they eat the bugs.. of which we have some good ones.

Like what the heck is this? It was dead but at least 2 inches long and just yuck!

Butterfly in the weeds... we have lots of these.

What kind of moth is this?

Let's move on to the baby goats! Next door neighbor's goats have had babies and they are so cute...
 When we were leaving town we stopped at Hawg Dawg's Valley Springs for lunch and I parked next to the ugliest car I have seen in a long time.. AMC Gremlin. I had to take a picture of it..
Can you imagine owning this? Don't want to get in an accident, it might just fall apart like a cartoon car!


Nick's sunflower's are growing and trying to dodge the deer- one was chewed up pretty bad.

Mom's Sweetpeas! My mom put some sweetpea seeds along the fence and 3 of them bloomed. I saved the seeds from them.

Wildflowers in my front "yard" are still showing up and surprising me...

And shockingly, I have fruit on some of the trees! They are some kind of plum trees and since I don't eat plums, I am okay with the birds getting them. Which they do..

The Wall.... I love this thing.. and once I can decide what to grow there it will be great!
This was after they had removed everything and poured the concrete footing. Because it is such a steep grade you can't just use a sand or gravel base. Everything will slide... 
The outline is a half circle..

You can really see the grade of the slope here...
Pretty wall.... the guy who built it is a landscape contractor from Valley Springs who was at minimum 70 years old. Heavy smoker.. but he did a great job! They weeded as well for me so that I could get my drip lines fixed and on a timer. It is finally getting hot and I want to not stress out the trees like they have been.

I will do a separate post on all my lizard pictures.. even did a you tube of one of them.. they are a hoot.

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