Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Family Vacation - Carlsbad, CA July 5-9, 2010

Every couple of years, my family takes a vacation together. This time we went to Carlsbad, CA which is famous for Legoland and being near the beaches. It is just north of San Diego about 30 mins and is usually just sunny and great. Not this week... we were there during the coldest July week they have had in a long time. In fact on July 8th, it broke a record that was held since 1912... high was 64 degrees! 
We did go to the beach one day and froze our tushes off for about 1 hour... and then went and did other things.
The first day there, we went to the San Diego Zoo and that is just amazing! On Weds, Nick and Ashley went to Disneyland while Dad, Matt, Jacob and I went fishing. Jacob was the big winner and reeled in a bunch of mackerel. Dad and Matt got some too while I got skunked! But it was a fun time! I like being on the ocean even if I don't catch anything. One thing I found out was that they have not been catching much fish this year and what they are catching is on the small side. It is a little worrisome because there does seem to be something going on with the oceans...
On weds afternoon there was a nice size earthquake that hit the area.. it was actually an aftershock to the big one that happened on Easter sunday in Mexico. It was a different kind of rolling earthquake, not a jarring one that I get up here in Moraga. Unfortunately, Disneyland shut the rides down afterwards for safety inspection and the kids had to come home. Grumpy Nick came back when I would have preferred Happy to come back.
Thursday was the beach day and no real schedule day... The kids and I went shopping at the outlet center and I got a great deal on a Coach purse. Just amazing! I will never pay full retail again...

Here are the pictures that I took is some kind of order to the days... First set is the San Diego Zoo pictures.

This was the break we had to take in the middle of the day.. notice Nick stealing the Dibs from Laine while she is looking at the camera.

Next up is the fishing trip.. We went out on a boat from H&M Landing, called the Premiere and it was a really fun time. The boat could hold about 90 people but there was probably only 35-40 on it for this trip. The crew was fantastic and really nice to people like me who had difficulty with skewering the anchovies to the hook. In fact, after dropping probably my 10th one in the water, Jacob announced to everyone that I was a bad hooker! We had to get up early but it was fun...I would do it again if I was a better hooker next time!

 Taking on the bait fish------>

Dad's big fish --------->

One of Jacob's fish he caught.

The fish were scared of these guys!

Jacob loved playing with the bait fish and throwing them to the sea gulls that followed the boat.

When we got home we played a game called apples to apples that everyone got into..
Notice the intensity at the table..

Thursday we went to the beach for a bit and froze our toes off...


Denise and Laine are under the sun shelter trying to keep warm... 
Even with the weather as dreary as it was, we had a good time... I like spending time with them because it seems everyone is going so fast these days...

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