Sunday, August 22, 2010

Almost Vacation !

I have 4 days of work this week and then it is my 2 weeks of vacation time. I am going to the house and ripping out the walls that are on the video I just posted. Nick is coming to help as well. I have a contractor coming who can help me put it back together again as well. 
(See the youtube link to the right there to see all my videos.)
Also, my niece and nephew are coming up for an "overnighter" so that should be fun! I am planning on taking them fishing and maybe get them working in the yard.

Nick started college last week and that was a lot of stress for him but I think he is going to be okay. I will be leaving him alone for most of my vacation so that will be a new thing for him... alone during the week for a couple of weeks. We will see how that goes....

Work has been just a roller coaster ride so I need this little break.. Since I don't have internet access up there, I won't be able to post anything until I get back. So cross your fingers that I get this all done!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moraga 8/7/2010 - Name Change!

I have been in Moraga the last couple of weekends because of previous commitments I had.. today my neighbor's son is getting married so I am going to his wedding. Tomorrow I am taking Nick, Ashley and Jack to see ARM in the play Aladdin in Berkeley. ARM is the guy who works for me as a contractor and is just a fabulous singer and actor. I love going to his shows! (ARM= Anthony Rollins-Mullens which is just too long to say, so we call him ARM.)

I have been doing more research on things that would make money for me if I move to MokeHill permanently. None of them are a sure thing but I looking at classes, reading books and emailing people trying to come up with a feasible fiscal plan. Right now I am leaning towards goats, either for renting out for weed clearing or meat/dairy products.

This week has really been tough on me at work. The employee that I hired as the CRM manager quit. She got the dream opportunity she had been waiting for and was having difficulty with another employee at work. The other employee is someone who is in management and it is a very political situation. So my stress level has gone through the roof because I am pushing my boss and HR to get this person under control. Don't want to say much more but seriously it has been hard.

Big News! On July 4th my name change back to my maiden name, Julie Tonseth, was made legal. So now I am slowing trying to transition everything to that name... starting with work and social security. I went to a Social Security office in a sketchy part of San Francisco to get it changed with them last week. Have you ever seen the movie Beetlejuice? There is a scene where they go to a waiting room in the "afterlife" and it just dreary. I found that waiting room in the SSA office at 7th and Mission St. First you go through a scanner and guards... then you walk to a computer and push a button to get your number. Your number prints out and voila, it tells you have an approximate wait time of 100 minutes. 
Then you choose a seat from lines of black, metal chairs and wait. The only entertainment is the clientele. Within 5 mins of getting there, they called the waiting room guard to help get a crazy lady out of the office. He thought she was leaving but she didn't and started banging on the closed windows. You could hear the other people who were narrating, "now they gonna call the police on her", as they have seen it before. (How long were they waiting?) All 3 guards helped her out.. 
There were other things that made me realized that I live a very good life! But work still sucks...
Don't get me wrong, I really love my job but the environment right now is over the top stress load and I am getting tired too quickly. 
This is why I love Mokehill... I have no phone, tv or internet. I have lots of noises from the surrounding animals and such but no cars or people. My blood pressure drops dramatically just sitting on my deck, looking at the view and soaking up the sun. The air even smells better.. not sure how but it does. Financially this has been a strain but I think it has been worth every dollar in the benefit it brings to my psyche.