Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacation Report - Renovation Update!

I am back in Moraga and was thinking about how to post everything about the vacation. The big project is the renovation that we did, taking down that closet to join the addition to the rest of the house through the hall. There was also time with Laine and Jacob where we went fishing and had smores and things... so this entry is just about the remodel.
Nick came up the first weekend to help me with the demo. The plan was to tear out the end of the hall, the mbr closet and the wall in the spare bedroom. He helped me get it down to the studs and then I got help from an "almost" retired contractor, Howard. He showed up on Monday and we tore out the studs and framed the walls. On Tuesday we framed in the new closet that blocked the old opening between the master and the tv room. Everything is done now except the drywall plastering because that guy had a death in the family. It went really fast and pretty smooth except for my know I have to get hurt somehow. Howard was showing me how to use the pneumatic hammer and had leaned a 2x4 up against the wall. I was sitting on the floor watching him intently and the vibration of the hammer knocked the stud off the wall and on to my head. At first I laughed it off and then I put my hand up to feel where it hit and there was a lot of blood. I think I was a little confuzzled, because I look at Howard and asked him if he was bleeding. I just wasn't believing it was me. He got a very concerned look and then we had to do first aid. I am fine.... but I bleed so much that after it all stopped and I looked in the mirror it looked like a slasher movie. Dried blood in my hair, down my neck to my chest and on my clothes. I even took pictures of the towels because I was just not believing it! And NO I didn't go to the hospital. After we finished for the day, I took a shower and went to Lowe's with a horrific headache. My mom was not amused but I was fine the next day and we kept working.
Here are the reno pictures, I will post other stuff later. (Remember to look at the video on youtube to see what the before looked like.)
nick helping to take out the closet
breaking through wall to other bedroom
Tearing out bedroom wall - Nick is good at demo!
Breaking out wall on the addition- you can just see through to the living room.
All walls down, studs still up and look at the mess! But I was very happy!

This is Howard helping to frame in the new hall wall.
All the studs are out and you can see what it is going to look like.
New MBR closet being framed in - blocking the hole to the other room.
The new hall wall where the closet was.

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