Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oct 23, 2010 - First big storm of the season - Bald Eagle, floors and trees down

I don't know about you guys but this is really early to be talking about storms with lots of rain and high winds! It has me thinking that it is going to be a long, cold and wet winter.
Floor Update- The floor is not done yet after 4 days of working on it. There is a problem because the stair caps that were sent are not the right size for the floating floor. They are made for the tongue and groove, nail down floor. Lowe's and the installers called the manufacturer who said they don't make a stair cap for this floor. They want you to plane down the cap and build up the flooring on the stairs. Excuse me? I have 27 stairs in that house because of the lower basement level. You are not going to jerry rig all of those stairs it will take days of work and it won't be right. So, Lowe's is going to get the tongue and groove flooring and send it out for the stairs and have them glued down. Of course I have to wait for that to happen.. so I started painting baseboards. This is going to be awhile longer. Nick and I got a lot done, including repairing the fencing that was down and allowing the deer to walk into the garden area, tilling up the dirt and other outside things.

On the way to Jackson on Saturday I saw a bald eagle sitting on a dead tree in the river. I didn't have my camera with me but I was very excited! I have only seen a bald eagle at Shaver Lake with binoculars.. this was sitting about 50 feet from the roadway. 
The big storm rolled in overnight and brought down a big tree branch across the driveway. I am so thankful Nick was with me because I would still be there trying to hack it into pieces and carry it off. Here are the pictures of us working in the rain and wind to get it cleared. And what a work horse that ATV is for us around the property. I know it is fun to ride and all but let me tell you, we rely on that thing for lots of stuff that we never knew we would need.

Branch down - blocking the driveway. It was about 30 ft long and lodged in the oak tree.

Nick hacking away and some of the branches. I helped too and it still took us an hour in that cold rain.

The branch got stuck on the fence when we tried to pull it, so we had to cut it in half.

At Last! The first half is being pulled down to a lower field out of the way.

Back 1/2 that was still stuck on the fence - Nick and I rocked it and got it down on the other side.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


My son Nick turned 18 on Saturday, Oct 16th.. and in true 18 year-old fashion, he elected to drive to Lompoc to see his girlfriend. I went to the hill on Friday as the floor installers were starting their job that day. The drywall crew had been in there and did a great job of taping and texturizing the new walls. They also redid the 2 addition rooms so now everything looks the same.
The one floor guy on Friday did most of the demo and then his partner showed up after he finished another job. He came back on Saturday and finished the floor prep and they started laying part of the floor. They had to stop though because the Giants game was on at 5pm... While they were working on Saturday, I was out in the yard planting 5 fruit trees. The ground is so bad that it took me about 5 hours. I also had to lay new drip lines for the trees so they would get watered. Although it started raining as I was leaving on Sunday, so hopefully, I can turn the water off soon.
All of the workers are coming back next Friday and Nick will need to be there instead of me. I don't want to miss work again. I will come up on Saturday. But the new floors are fabulous! See the pictures of the work below...julie

p.s. - the link to my new floors is in the Amazon search box...

Woodpecker holes in the side of the house - My Aunt didn't believe me when I told her about these. At least 1000 around the house and next year I will need to replace the siding.

Casey supervising my planting skills

Lemon and Lime tree in the front yard

Not a new tree, but a grapefruit tree with a really large grapefruit.
New Pomegranate tree
Peach and Nectarine trees - besides planting you have to figure out the irrigation too!

Quail lookout in my oak tree -  

Hall after texture - the guys did a great job!
Tile tear-out
Hall Demo

Living room before

Living room all torn out

Casey Supervising again!
Starting to lay the floor
Side by side, plywood and new floor

You know I can't resist a sunset picture!

Oct 8th - Visit to Madera

My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gene drove down from Oregon to my parent's house, so Nick and I packed up to go see them. They were there for just a couple of days but I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving 2007... After they left my parents, nick and I went to the fresno state football game. They were playing Hawaii so Nick was rooting for the warriors this time and the bulldogs lost...

Here are some of the pictures -

Dad and Gene out by the pool

Dad showing Ruth how strong he is!

Nick, Gene, Ruth

Poppie (dog), Ruth, Gene, Mom and Dad

Waiting for the game to start - we had great seats

Bulldogs lost by a ton! And Dad's pout shows it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oct 3rd and It is Raining?

Dad came up this weekend to help me knock out the last couple of projects before the drywall crew came and the floor installers. Saturday was busy with the Lowe's guys coming in 2 trucks to deliver the flooring, and the contractor for the drywall coming to give me an estimate. Lots of critters too, with a big alligator lizard in the garage, praying mantis in the front and back and some freaky looking moths...

But the big surprise was that it started raining overnight and was off and on Sunday morning. Oct 3rd is really early for rain and it was noticeable. The flowers keep popping up, but one that I was waiting for had all the flowers eaten by the deer before I could even see them. The deer ate the leaves on my asian pear tree too. Oh well, I will figure out someday.

I have posted on youtube 2 videos, a brief one of the rain coming down and a longer one of the remodelled hall.

Alligator lizard in my garage, his tail was a long as his body!

New flowers coming up still

Lowe's delivery truck parked on my driveway getting ready to unload the flooring

LARGE praying mantis in my front yard