Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oct 3rd and It is Raining?

Dad came up this weekend to help me knock out the last couple of projects before the drywall crew came and the floor installers. Saturday was busy with the Lowe's guys coming in 2 trucks to deliver the flooring, and the contractor for the drywall coming to give me an estimate. Lots of critters too, with a big alligator lizard in the garage, praying mantis in the front and back and some freaky looking moths...

But the big surprise was that it started raining overnight and was off and on Sunday morning. Oct 3rd is really early for rain and it was noticeable. The flowers keep popping up, but one that I was waiting for had all the flowers eaten by the deer before I could even see them. The deer ate the leaves on my asian pear tree too. Oh well, I will figure out someday.

I have posted on youtube 2 videos, a brief one of the rain coming down and a longer one of the remodelled hall.

Alligator lizard in my garage, his tail was a long as his body!

New flowers coming up still

Lowe's delivery truck parked on my driveway getting ready to unload the flooring

LARGE praying mantis in my front yard

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