Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov 20 and 21, 2010

Brr- it is cold up there.. hope my new trees make it...

 Pictures from around the property -I still have Wildflowers blooming in the front yard. More are coming up everyday. Lupine and something else..

 Pot Marigold - the deer love this one!
Marsh Area Pictures
Tiny Shelf Mushrooms

Tiny Ferns
This marsh flower is 8 ft tall
Tiny mushrooms

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My first cheese class - 11/4/10

In my research on what I could do to make money if I lived up there full time, I am trying to learn about making cheese. My first class was just a one hour course in San Francisco at The Cheese School.
It was just a 2 hour class showing you how to make cheese at home. In typical SF fashion, it was very classy with champagne and a teacher who makes artisan cheese in Sonoma. We made a pannir which is very easy to make, right there in the class.  We watched her start a Chevre (goat cheese) and we were able to take some home in these cute little mason jars. I took 2 jars, which I think surprised the school folks.. they were little! 
Anyway, when talking to the teacher she had mentioned that goat cheese is not where the money is made. You need to be making sheep's milk or buffalo milk cheese. Since I only have 5 acres, I can't really raise buffalo. (Maybe 2 at the most!) But seriously, can you imagine trying to milk a buffalo? 
I will now start looking at sheep and how they will do up there in the hills... maybe both goat and sheep? Who knows...

If you are interested in learning to make fresh cheese, they have many books to help you. The most popular is "Home Cheese Making" and you can find it in the Amazon search box to the right here.

The floors are still in progress- so maybe next weekend I will be able to get them finished...or not.