Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I wanted to post some of the pictures from Thanksgiving at my Mom's house in Madera. I didn't make it up to mokehill that weekend because on Tuesday night that week I cut the side of the tip of my left index finger off when I was slicing bread. I know it could only be me doing this... Let's recap the injuries of the year 2010 and hope 2011 will not see such a grand performance!
Feb - 3rd degree burn to my right hand by the woodstove... (okay the woodstove can't really be blamed for being hot.. that is it's job)
Sept - Big bonk on the head by a 2 x 4 with blood everywhere... the 2x4 was later sentenced to spend the rest of it's life inside my hallway wall.
Thanksgiving finger cutting accident...

At my mom and dad's, the Weber's showed up for Thanksgiving as well and we had such a blast. I made Pannir with the kids and it really was bad... but it was something different to do. And the day after Thanksgiving we went up to North Fork to KT Lee Alpaca Ranch. They have an event there where you can wander around and pet the alpaca's and buy things from the store. Beautiful area..

 Here are some of the pictures...

Cria - AKA baby alpaca

Petting area and they are scared of the gorilla

Alpaca checking out Laine

Laine in the petting area

Denise and Laine battling Matt and Jacob at shuffleboard at the Buckhorn bar and grill

Laine and Jacob climbing on the sign

I think we all had a good time.. the kids loved the Alpacas and playing shuffleboard at the Buckhorn.

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