Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/28/2011 - Wood-Splitting Weekend

We did it! Dad, Nick and I spent all day splitting wood on Friday and no one got "seriously" injured. Nick did scrape his arm on the blade and it started bleeding a bit.. and I got the customary bruises that happen all the time to me. But overall the day was a smashing success! We didn't get all the wood split, but we did get the majority of it done. Probably 3-4 cords worth which is more than I will use up there for a long time. And the weather was just beautiful! Sunny and warm enough for Nick to work without his shirt on. 
This was definitely a 3 person job so I am glad Dad was there... Nick hauled the logs to the splitter, I took the split wood away and stacked it and Dad... pushed the lever up and down. He got to sit in a chair and push the lever, as he says, he has always been management material. Seriously it did save us time because it would have been me doing that and not stacking. Here is the technique..

We found some interesting bugs in and under the wood...Centipedes and a Grub the size of a Toyota..

Nick and Dad starting yelling for me when they saw this sticking out of a log they just split..

The "grub" ate tunnels through the log and filled them with the digested wood after it.

Just to show you the size of this thing. He was about 4 inches long and a good 1/2 inch in diameter. No eyes that I could see.

 I found this picture of people in Thailand eating these things from

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