Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Weekend 2011 - Rain and Running Water and Falling Trees!

I went up to the house for New Year's weekend, since we had Monday the 3rd off, I got to stay another day. I was by myself as my plans for visitors changed at the last minute due to work schedules and other commitments.

It rained almost the whole time I was there on Saturday and Sunday, and of course, stopped on Monday when I had to leave. The small, dry, drainage creeks are now really flowing with water. I can hear the sound of the running water from my deck and that catches me by surprise still. I even have ground water spurting up on the driveway now. (Which explains that odd patch of asphalt that was newer than the rest. I guess this must happen every few years.)
(See my videos on my YouTube channel... link is to the right and down a bit.)
I also had a tree come down when I was there on Sunday. I was inside drinking coffee and heard  something like a big truck rumbling up my gravel driveway. Thankfully, it didn't block the driveway, although it got close. It was one trunk of a three trunk tree that split off, and I am sure the other 2 trunks will now fall since it is out of balance. There are a lot of trees on the property that are diseased that were able to survive the drought years pretty well. Dry years mean little rot or fungus to eat away at the weak parts, and now the tree is sucking up a bunch of water that is making it very heavy, and the weaker wood can't sustain the weight. I am really glad I took the trees down that were around the house... especially the sick one by the front steps that they filled the bottom of one of the trunks up with cement to keep it standing. Here is a gardening hint for folks...if you have a tree that has a giant hole in the trunk, filling it up with cement is not the right thing to do. Cut it down and plant a healthy tree! Some people questioned my chopping all those trees down but I think now that was a really smart thing to do. For fire protection and because of winters like this... 
Here are some of the pictures of the tree that fell down, also on my you tube channel you can seem more if.
Pretty Manzanita Tree in the rain
View from the turn on my driveway heading out
The tree dunked the basketball hoop!

3 Trunks - area in the middle rotted

There's the problem! I expect the other 2 trunks to be coming down soon.

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