Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Water Pipe Weekend

Happy 8th Birthday Laine! 
Nick and I love you very much!

I drove up Saturday morning to see what was going on at the house.. and found that with the water turned off, my driveway stream had dried up. No surprise to me now that was where the pipe broke but I still felt stupid. I dug out the area and could feel the pipe but couldn't see it because the water from the house was draining into the hole now. The insurance adjuster showed up and he was a really nice man but of course, they wouldn't pay for anything. I called the plumber and left him a message and waited... All the while it was a beautiful day! No fog at all and sunny and warm and I spent time out on my deck.

The plumber (Mike Kelley Plumbing) was super nice and came out Sunday morning...he found that a root about twice the size of the pipe had pushed the pipe out of the way and cracked it. (I have pictures of all this so you can see it) I went and got the parts and he showed me how he fixes things and how to do it myself if it happens again. I have found that the contractors that I work with up there are all like that...they don't mind me standing there asking them questions. And they are more than happy to tell me how to do it myself next time. I love that!  I am going to call him later this year to put in a tankless water heater and replace the tank one I have in the garage. Makes no sense for me to use propane to heat water all day and night when I am not there.
This weekend is the wood splitting weekend, and my goal is no injuries... that will be a tough one with the Tonseth tradition of at least one person bleeding during every project on the line. My Dad even has a saying when someone starts bleeding, "Now it's a project!". No wonder I am always getting hurt.. :)

Driveway dug out

The root is there to the left/top of the pipe. 4-5 inches in diameter and it just bullied the pipe.

adding elbows


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