Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16 2011 - moraga

Just an update on the seeds... Nick's are doing great.. mine not so much. But to be fair his have been inside with grow lights and mine have been outside. So I have been moved inside and put under the grow lights..

My goat cheese was really good - we are still eating on it. The beautiful weather was broken this week and a big storm(s) is here. It hailed today in Moraga and it on my youtube channel...

I am going to go to the house this weekend, with my good friend Susan, and hope to get some snow.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Planting Seeds and Making Cheese - Moraga 2/6/11

(Sorry to all you poets for the title!)
It is super bowl weekend and I stayed in Moraga to clean a bit and work on my projects.. One project is planting seeds to get them started so that they have a chance to survive when the get to the hill. I planted onion sets and potatoes up there last week... hope they survive this little heat spell!
Nick planted his sunflowers seeds gleaned from the plants from last year. We have been saving 18 count egg cartons for him and now he has planted 90 seeds in those. And he has several baggies of extra ones to just throw on the ground. His goal is to make the hill on the back side of the house completely covered in sunflowers. I have no idea why this big guy wants that but I am okay with it.

I started some seeds myself for the veggies that take longer to grow. Some corn, cantaloupe, watermelon and a few giant pumpkin seeds for Jacob and Laine. (Sorry Denise, you are getting 100 pound Jack-o-lanterns this year.)  I am planting about 4 times what we can possibly eat in the hope that something survives. It is a tough life for a tasty plant up there... you have deer, squirrels, gophers, rats and birds all waiting to eat you... I did get a lot of oranges and some grapefruit off of my trees and brought them home. I saw my grapefruit for sale at Safeway for $2 each... and I can't give them away! 

Last night I started to make cheese, finally, the first time since I got back from my class. This is a new one for me, a soft goat cheese. I used pasteurized milk by the way if anyone is wondering.. not willing to take the risk of listeria and e.coli. (See the news on Bravo Farms.. ) It is a very slow process, you put the stuff in the milk and let it sit overnight. You mold the cheese and let it sit for 2 days...I hope it is good. I bought goat's milk at trader joe's and it is about $7 a gallon! For goat milk! I did taste a little before I used it up and it is a very rich milk like whole cow milk but with a little more depth of flavor. Since I have cholesterol issues, supposedly this cheese is better for me than cow milk cheese. 
One thing I learned in my classes is sanitation is king... I wash and bleach everything, including my hands. It is still not guarantee but I am fairly confident in my ability to kill bugs..

90 sunflower seeds

Veggie Seeds

Curd after sitting overnight - It has a unique smell to it

Large mold was supposed to be for gouda, but I had too much cheese!

This is a goat cheese mold... way too small.
This has to sit for 2 days and then I can unmold, salt and eat it... I will let you know what it is tastes like.