Monday, March 21, 2011

BOLETUS OROVILLUS - Not a new disease, a mushroom name

I found the name of one of my mushrooms... the one that looks like french's mustard underneath.  
(comment from the website below)
This bright yellow bolete is a rare and striking find. Unusual for boletes in our area, it appears before the fall rains, perhaps utilizing moisture from the dying roots of Monterey pine stumps near which it fruits. Thiers originally described this species as having red pores, but later amended the description to cover a variant that has yellowish to yellowish-brown pores. Local material fits the amended description. An interesting aspect of this mushroom is that fresh material bruises blue quickly, but at maturity, the bluing reaction becomes faint or nonexistent.
It seems to be very rare and no one knows if you can eat it or not...

My picture from the house- early December

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