Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6th, 2011 and President's Day weekend

Trying to catch up on the blog... I have been really busy! So here is 2 trips in one...
President's Day weekend, my friend Susan came up to the house.. it was so cold and rainy I was hoping for snow. We got some but just a trace. The following weekend when I wasn't there they were getting several inches.. I will eventually figure this out. There was tons of rain and water was everywhere.
Also I have made contact with a mushroom club out of Sacramento and invited them to come out in the winter when the mushrooms start sprouting. I am excited to finally find someone who can tell me the names and edibility of the dozens of mushrooms that grow out there.
Creek 1

Creek 2

Some kind of slimy fungus

More of these mushrooms

My onions! First vegetables I have planted, hopefully I will get something out of these.

Quail in the front yard

Quail - Very pretty

Snow... on my handrail

Snow on the deck chair - Don't Laugh! I know it is just a trace!

Spring that bubbled up in the pasture - posted video on youtube

This weekend the 5th and 6th, Nick and a few of his friends came along. He was pulling a Tom Sawyer on them and enlisting them to help plant his sunflower seedlings... I think we had about 50 of them.  We have some plants blooming now and dozens of ladybugs in the front yard...
First Poppy blooming for the season- after the cold and rain this is nice to see!

Just one of the ladybugs in the front yard - One plant had 7 on it. Not sure why they are all there but I am glad they are.

Pretty and Tough bush.. it has survived 2 summers with very little water. Don't know what it is so I need to find out.
 My plum and peach (?) trees are blooming and they were full of bees.. here are the pictures of them.

See the bee? Tons of them in these flowers

 Here is Nick and his friends working on the back hill.
His friends were not sure about this manual labor thing.

Finally they all got working. It took about an hour to get the seedlings and seeds planted.

All the seedlings lined up waiting to be planted.
 Ok for those of you who are squeamish... skip this part. Saturday morning when I got up a few of the quail were pecking around the front yard. I let Casey out a little later in the back area, and went to make coffee thinking nothing of it. I heard a bit of a ruckus but couldn't see anything. I got my coffee and saw Casey through the glass door on the deck, a dead quail laying neatly on my mat, and Casey with a feather stuck to her mouth. It was a bit of a shock... remember Casey is 13 years old and not a bird dog. Although she is part fox hound, I have only see her kill a rat before never a bird. This bird was perfectly intact, she just broke it's neck and brought it to me. No puncture marks or anything.
So I rousted Nick out of bed and he cleaned it with his new Bear Grylls survival knife. The other kids were a bit freaked out by the whole thing. But he did it and we ate it with dinner... it was delicious if a little chewy. We gave Casey a couple of tastes of it and man she loved it!
Absolutely perfect, no bites or anything.

Nick almost through plucking it.. it is a tiny bird without the feathers.

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