Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/2/2011 Vegetable Planting Weekend

The weather was wonderful and we planted that whole dirt area that I call the "veggie garden" this past weekend.(Nick makes fun of me for that since it is a patch of dirt with all sorts of junk coming out of it, nails, tiles and rocks.) The early onions and potatoes are doing great, especially the volunteer potatoes from the potato cannon barrage. I have potato plants popping up everywhere! The other things I planted died... like the pumpkin plants and the corn. It was too much rain and cold I think... but hey I have lots of onions and potatoes.
Anyway Nick and Ashley were there that weekend and helped me plant a bunch of things... tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, squash, pumpkin,watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, peas and corn. It took a bit of work to get things planted and then at the same time we had to replace the leaky sprinkler valves. Unfortunately, while replacing the valves, the pvc pipe cracked... probably because Nick wasn't going to take no for answer and shoved the pipe pieces together. He was standing there watching the valve to check for leaks and when I turned on the water I heard him screaming "Turn it off!". Since it was late we left it and the next day I stretched a hose down there and connected it to a timer and some sprinklers. It will have to do until my landscaper gets back from vacation and can get out there to fix it. He is the one who built the nice retaining wall. 
My goal this year is to just get something to grow to help improve the soil.. that's it. If I can build up the soil and get that plot productive it will produce quite a bit of food.. it is about 700 square feet of dirt I think .. so there is no limit to what I can do with that once the soil gets healthy. 
The sunflowers are hanging in there, about 1/2 are still alive but looking pretty pale. Like I said before, this winter just has kept going and going with the rain and the cold. We put some plant food on them so hopefully they will perk up and start growing.
A real bright spot is the wildflowers that came back again in the front yard! There are lupines, poppies, gallardias and other things I don't know the name of that are making it very cheery. Here are the pictures of the garden and one of a run-down shack on a beautiful piece of land outside the town of Valley Springs.
My next project house?
Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

Onions and Potatoes going strong

Bell peppers and tomatoes (by wall) and my watering system

Squash and Melons and the hills by wall are the pumpkin seeds

I sure hope something grows! I have gardened all my life and usually I can make things grow like crazy but this is something else there... that dirt is so bad!


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