Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bath Tile Weekend - Garden Update

Hi - I took a couple of days off prior to Easter and Nick and I went to the house to get some work done. I continued my quest to finish his bathroom tile. I spent 5 hours on it Friday and got maybe 1/2 of the floor finished. This is the worst DIY project I have ever taken on..  here is the progress so far. When I get it all finished maybe before 2012... I will post all the pics together.
Complicate pattern on a crooked floor! 

I have a neighbor at the end of Lombardi who raises chickens, geese and guinea fowl. I always buy eggs from her when I am there and she has some available. (Colleen, another Bay Area refugee.)  I took pictures of her birds so you can see them..I can't wait until I can raise my own!

Chicken yard - most are Rhode Island Reds

Plymouth Barred Chicken

Geese - notice the young ones.
Garden update-

I got my landscaper out to fix the water pipes and hook up the valves correctly so I can water again. Some of the veggies are hanging in there... but it has been so cold they haven't grown much. The asparagus I planted is sprouting but most of the corn died. I will have to replant those when I go up there next weekend. Who would have thought that we would have to wait until May to see any warm weather at all? That is crazy for this area as it can easily be in the mid to high 70's most of April. Here are some pics for you to see how they are growing.. all of your hoping to get some veggies better start praying for better conditions!
this is a lacy asparagus frond poking up


ladybug on one of the many potato bushes

Bell Pepper - still hanging in there
Frog trying to hide from me.. he was orange/rust and green

neighbors goats -hoping for some carrots or weeds
Side Note - My personal email account was "spoofed" so I have created a new one. I needed to do it anyway since I changed my name in July. My new email address
Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what I am doing. 
You can also post comments on each blog entry and link to my youtube account to see my videos.
The latest video is of my son trying to clean off a paint roller after he was done painting.. it was a disaster. 

Love - Julie

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