Sunday, May 22, 2011

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CSA Survey Results are in!

Thanks to everyone who completed my survey on what you felt would be of value to you if I started growing/raising things and wanted to sell them.
A total of 32 people took the survey, of those 13 get a delivery now of some kind. That is 40.6% which is actually higher than I thought it would be. But a lot of the people I surveyed live in SF so that seems very possible.
For the question of would you be interested in buying from a CSA, almost 60% said yes! The decision to buy seems to be driven buy the goods offered and the price. Interestingly to me, Corn was the number one item people would like to buy. That seems so common but I guess it speaks to the quality difference of corn you get at the market vs. a farm stand. I got a heartfelt plea for flowers from a guy I worked with who is currently getting a CSA basket every week. He just thinks it would be a nice touch to have them show up for his wife.( Lucky lady!)
Eggs and goat milk were also very popular.. the extent of people stopping to talk to me or writing me emails about it. One lady I worked with said she paid $8.50 for a dozen organic eggs from a SF grocery.. crazy! That might be why Colleen my neighbor just raised her price to $2.50 a dozen.

For delivery frequency, the consensus was every 2 weeks, with a mix of basic (staple) items and a few surprises thrown in. Pricing per delivery was pretty much at the $25-$30 mark... a few liked my suggestion of variable pricing. Here is the model I am considering.. you pay a monthly subscription of $40-$60 per month, depending on your family size. Prior to each delivery you will be given a notice of what the basics will be, and the chance to go online and choose to add or substitute things to it. For instance, you have a value of $25 per basket and the basics are worth $15 that week.. you can choose to add flowers, eggs, honey etc... if you go over your allowance, you just pay for it at that one time. I also would give people the option of skipping a delivery if they are on vacation or traveling. The amount would either carry over to add extras or maybe deducted.. I haven't nailed that down yet.
Here are screen shots from the survey, I hope you enjoy them!


Additional Items
All produce must be organic.
I currently have home delivery for organic produce from a local farm and it is all organic. Eggs, goat cheese or milk would have to be free range, organic, hormone free etc...animals humanely
FIG Assorted
I am looking for a delivery of fresh goat milk which my produce delivery/provider do not have.
FYI -- we order from Farm Fresh to You and love it!!!!!
any type of berries
pulots, honey
beets, berries
Pricing Question got the most comments
convenience and quality 
If I knew the seller 
quality and integrity of CSA entity 
ease of use (get what i want, easy to actually get). Unclear how to manage with frequent work travel. 
Assuming it is organic, the difference would be whether it is local and overall value. Ie. Am I paying $30 for $10 worth of produce I can get from a farmer's market or Rainbow Grocery just for that extra edge of freshness and home delivery? Not worth it. $23 okay, I'll buy. Centralized pick up idea is awesome--especially one per neighborhood.
Don't want to drive across town for it. 
Fresh produce, local farming is great for the ecology. Helping community with economy. 
CSA is no doubt freshly picked and another way of helping your own community people with livelihood. 
The quality of goods 
Currently am member of a CSA and absolutely love it. Like to have a lot of information about the growing conditions, what's organic, etc. The one I'm a member of also gives recipes (in case you're not used to cooking kale or chard or whatever) and you can add farm eggs which is a definite plus. The biggest problem is pick up location, if it was delivered that would be so much easier for those of us who take public transit. 
Economic factors.........cost what's available 
Understanding the quality of the produce, how it was cultivated and who benefits from the production. Understanding the positive consequences of participating in such a program 
organic, seasonal goods 
convenience, quality and good price 
Quality and pricing 
Depends on size of box and content. I'm okay with $25/wk- $30wk as the produce is crazy fresh. Makes the farmer's market purchases seem stale in comparison.
Cost of goods plus delivery. My delivery from Farm Fresh to you cost me 49 plus
Have the option to pay a bit more for additional items in any given week.
Would like it based on wieght and distance.