Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mothers's Day and Rain in May 2011

Hi all -
It has been a hectic couple of weeks in my life and I am just getting to posting pictures from Mother's day and this past weekend.
Mother's day weekend - we all went to my sister's house in Granite Bay because it was Laine's first communion. I am was raised Protestant so the enormity of the situation still amazes me. Denise had in-laws that came out from Michigan to see this ceremony. It was very nice and there were about 45 kids going through it. The placed was packed with standing room only by the time it started.. Laine was in her ceremonial outfit, white dress and veil and looking like a perfect angel until she punched her brother. Ha! The kids are a riot.. we went back to Denise's for dinner and then home to the hill house with my parents. Sunday was mother's day so Nick got up and made us his patented, world-reknown, breakfast bagel sandwich. It is a bagel with cream cheese, bacon, fried egg and more cheese.. messy!!Then he went back to bed...

 I asked Dad for a birdhouse to replace the ones that were falling apart that mountain western bluebirds use and he made me 4 of them and Denise 4 of them and Mom 4 of them. They are really nice and now they are outside but here he is with his trove of houses.

They are nice.. thanks Dad!
This past week was a bear and I left early on friday with the dog to head up to the house to just do stuff that required no computers, phones, people or thinking. I am sure that this house, while it makes me crazy with so much to do, is keeping me sane.  I worked on the weeds near the front gate since they were so high, they touched the bottom of the car when you stopped to open the gate and you can smell burning grass. I also continued the fight for the veggie garden to stop the weeds and get something to grow. This past week was warm so there was some noted growth in the plants, especially the tomatoes. Some critter ate the leaves off all my bell pepper plants leaving only the stalk. I planted more of them and was looking for corn to plant but couldn't find any. Once again, the rain and the cold showed up Sunday night and through tues... this is getting to be ridiculous, 6 months of rain and cold. I have the video of the first rain storm on Oct 3rd posted on my you tube channel. Hopefully a little heat will be here next week and my plants will stand a chance.. my flowers are going great though!
"Blanket Flower"
Blue Caterpillar - I saw these last year, wish I knew what butterfly they were.


 I left this one branch apple tree in the ground last year and told it, you can stay if you grow something. And look what I found! Lots of tiny apples on this sad little tree! I have no illusions in thinking that I will get to eat them but hey, it is pretty cool!
Beans are starting to look up.. sorry couldn't help myself.

 Beautiful Irises that just keep coming back year after year without a speck of assistance from me. They are about 3 to 4 feet tall and just beautiful.
Scraggly corn plants
Cantaloupe or squash.. can't remember.
Peas are doing good

Pepper with it's leaves chewed off.. all of them were like this.

New pepper plants - these are the last ones I am going to plant!

Tomatoes are going strong!

There are 4 huge potato plants in this picture.. can you spot the onion? All are "volunteers".

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