Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 ~ Rain? In California?


I was up at the house Memorial Day weekend with Nick and it was a very busy weekend. Saturday I had a couple people coming out to the house. One was Home Depot to give me a quote on replacing the siding on the house. If you remember from some of my other postings, my house has probably 200 woodpecker holes in it, with acorns inside. (One guy asked me if a tree was growing out of it yet!)

Since these holes allow water in, it really needed to be done. I was hoping to get the fiber cement siding but that is about 30% more expensive than the top of the line vinyl that I am getting. It is attached to a rigid foam core and is warrantied for as long as the house is standing.. no joke. It is called craneboard and it is really nice. Here is the link to the website, I picked the cypress green color..

As I am sitting there talking to the estimator, the sky opens up and it starts really raining. Then as I look out the window, I can see my neighbors goats. They always stand at the corner of our property hoping for some carrots. Well... this time some of the smaller ones are in my yard. You see PG&E came during the week and trimmed up trees near the power pole, and damaged the fence. I yelled for Nick and he went out there to try and convince them to go back... and he succeeded with one of the babies. One of the older ones thought differently and took off down my driveway, out to the street. All the while the Home Depot guy is still there... so we jump in the truck and race down to the neighbor's who own the goats. They were not really concerned that one of their goats was loose, but they did go look for it.
I wish I had the flipcam going because it was hysterical... pouring rain, goats, Nick and the home depot guy.

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