Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th Parade Pictures

As mentioned before, my camera battery was dead and I couldn't take any pictures... Mom sent me these that she and Denise took with the camera I bought her for her birthday.
The Weber's, Nick and I on main street before the parade started. I was talking to my cousin Larry on the phone..
Hotel Leger where most people sat and waited for the parade.

Start of the parade - the horses have a flag hoof-i-cure!

Dad's Favorite Entry

I call this one - Bleu(yes it is french just being pretentious)- Laine with her blue dress and tongue from the italian ice, wearing Gma's hat, with her mom's flag toes and gma's nails.
The parade and the whole weekend was a lot of fun, although it was blazing hot. July4th was 104 degrees..the parade had lots of characters who weren't marching that were entertaining as well. 
Coming up for the house - July 18th, is the week the new siding is going up... I am taking the week off for that!
Also- my neighbor just put his goats on my property this weekend. And one promptly broke out and joined my other neighbor's goats. No idea how that happened! These are Boer goats that are raised for meat, not dairy. It will be interesting to see if they can get my weeds down and how my dog reacts to them.

I put an ad up on craigslist for purslane, and have a lady who wants to buy some from me. I am giving it away to my friends who are interested as well. Isn't it funny that the first thing to make money for me on this property is a weed? I mean a delicacy? 


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