Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Beach Trip - July14th, 2011 Marina CA

I took off work today to meet my parents in Marina, where they were trailer camping for the week. We went to dinner at Phil's in Moss Landing Thursday night, and Dad and I went to the beach after to go "fishing". It was really windy and cold but it was still nice. At the beach, we saw dolphins swimming! We took Princess Sophie with us but outdoor activities really annoy her... here are some of the pictures from that trip.
Mom and Dad outside Phil's.. just a fantastic restaurant!
Sophie when we just got there

Sophie hiding behind the bucket to block the wind. She was not amused.
Dad Fishing

I took this holding sophie at the beach. You can tell how windy it was!

I had a good time and I just the beach but it is always so cold. Never fear, I am heading the hills on Sunday as I have the week off.. and it will be toasty there. The home depot installers called me last week and I had a deja vu of the floor installation again. The siding was being trucked from Florida and it was late coming in.. so they are going to start 2 days later than they said. Not to worry they will be done by the 29th... what? I have to go back to work as we have a sales kickoff in San Diego starting the 25th....sigh... it will all work out. The floors may have taken 3 months but they are beautiful.. this will be fine.

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