Monday, August 29, 2011

Moraga - Redwood Step

My moraga house has a slightly raised wooden step outside both of the sliding glass windows that you use to get to the patio. One side is exposed to the elements and was "squishy" with certain boards feeling like they would break at anytime. I have been wanting to get it fixed but I have been so busy... finally on Sunday, Nick and I did it. We tore out the old one and rebuilt a new one from pressure treated boards and redwood. Here are the pictures..
Space where the step was- yes those are my feet.

debris - the supports were all eaten away by termites

Nick doing that math thing - we actually had exactly the right amount of wood and didn't mess a single board up.

Support Framing

Screwing the frame to the house

Sitting on it to test it

Done! The redwood looks so pretty.
I am very happy with the way it turned out. Nick took the 2 inch wide board that we had left and tacked it to the front to make a trim piece and then he wants to stain it later on. It is solid and doesn't move a bit. So next will be the front deck to the door.. my contractor quoted $5,500 to redo that deck. I think materials would be about $500 at current prices so we are going to try it ourselves. Some day..
(By the way, we did this in one afternoon. About 4 hours of work with 3 injuries to me.... none to Nick.)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sugarland Concert 8/26/2011

Mom and I went to the Sugarland concert at shoreline in mt. view last night and it was fantastic! Jennifer Nettles has such a strong, great voice and her partner Christian is a great musician. Poor Mom had to stand the whole concert because everyone stood and danced for the 90 mins it went on....then there was the hour in the parking lot waiting to get out.
Here is a link to one of my favorite songs...from their first album.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before and After Pictures of the Siding

Here are the after pictures of the siding. The before pictures are in the other posting.. I don't know if you can see the color good. I hope so because it looks so much better.

Bay Window


South Wall
Back Side
This weekend was just to go up and make sure everything was okay since I will not be able to get back for a month. Next weekend I am going to the Sugarland concert and packing for the trip on Labor Day. Labor Day weekend, we are going to the Fresno State vs. Cal game in SF, and then heading up to Oregon for a family reunion. The weekend after that I go to Fresno to get my hair done, so the next time I am up there will be Sept 17th.. that will be the longest stretch ever I think. 
So in preparation, I harvested all the corn and tore them out. Picked anything else that I could and adjusted the watering... Titus took his goats back so they are gone. That was sad! They were entertaining!
 I looked up that goat lady, and found that she is buried up in the hills at Jesus Maria Cemetary with some other relatives. Doesn't seem like any family exists in the area anymore.
Here are some other pictures from the weekend...
15 ears of corn - Nick is going to hate corn by the time we get done eating it all.

Wildflowers coming back after the goats - dwarf mexican evening primrose. Tough flower that grows in the Sonora desert.

Tree Frog in the BBQ cover. He is just an inch long but there are so many flies for him to eat right now he was really chubby!

Red Coreopsis

 I am going to try and keep the blog entries going with the other activities I am doing, we will see how that goes. 

Happy last few weeks of summer to everyone! I know most of the time it didn't feel like summer, but it was still nice. My favorite season is summer....


Saturday, August 13, 2011

MokeHill in the news (sorta)

I subscribe to a few magazines, one of which is just called Hobby Farms, and the new issue I got has an article on goats.  Actually the article is called "The Heartbleat of America" and is about uniquely American goat breeds.One that was listed is the LaMancha which is a popular goat for milking. I was reading the article on how this goat became what it is now and here is the line that made me laugh.
"Whether the goats were actually from Spain, remains a mystery, but LaMancha became the breed's official name. Phoebe Wilhelm of Monkelumne Hill, Calif. purchased several of these imported goats for breeding purposes, crossing them with Toggenburgs. In 1920, she had a herd of 125 and is said to have been the first important breeder in the United States."
What??? They misspelled the name but I know it is Mokelumne Hill. This explains the huge goat culture in those parts, that and the abundance of weeds for them to eat. Of course being the crazy person I am, I am going to see if I can find out if the Wilhelms are still there and if they have goats.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pictures from the weekend

Here are some pictures from this weekend and last..
Before with grey siding and holes

i hope you can see the color it is called cypress green

Woke up to goats in the garden Sat AM - they managed to kill the little apple tree that was coming back to life.
Pine Grove Pizza - Very good and cheap beer!

Munnerlynn's Ice Cream in Pine Grove
 We had the greatest dinner - pizza and ice cream. The ice cream I had was called Chocolate Stout... yes chocolate ice cream made with stout beer and it was just divine! I can't wait to take my next visitors to these places. Pine Grove is a little town up hwy 88 at about 2500 feet elevation... I did look at a house there when I was looking for houses but it just gets too much snow for me. Especially last year!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

sat @ the house 8/6/11

this is a first , i am creating this entry from the house! Nick bought a galaxy tablet and with a mobile wi-fi hotspot from his cell phone we have internet. The siding is done and beautiful! The goats broke in to my veggie area and broke a couple of my small trees. I posted a video of the rascals following me when i walked down to the pasture. Click on the youtube video bar to the right. Tony is just like a dog and wants to be near people but he is super strong so him nuzzling your leg can knock u down. And you end  up dirty and stinky.......
Nick and I are going to Pine Grove to try the local pizza place and ice cream place. They are supposed to be awesome.