Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before and After Pictures of the Siding

Here are the after pictures of the siding. The before pictures are in the other posting.. I don't know if you can see the color good. I hope so because it looks so much better.

Bay Window


South Wall
Back Side
This weekend was just to go up and make sure everything was okay since I will not be able to get back for a month. Next weekend I am going to the Sugarland concert and packing for the trip on Labor Day. Labor Day weekend, we are going to the Fresno State vs. Cal game in SF, and then heading up to Oregon for a family reunion. The weekend after that I go to Fresno to get my hair done, so the next time I am up there will be Sept 17th.. that will be the longest stretch ever I think. 
So in preparation, I harvested all the corn and tore them out. Picked anything else that I could and adjusted the watering... Titus took his goats back so they are gone. That was sad! They were entertaining!
 I looked up that goat lady, and found that she is buried up in the hills at Jesus Maria Cemetary with some other relatives. Doesn't seem like any family exists in the area anymore.
Here are some other pictures from the weekend...
15 ears of corn - Nick is going to hate corn by the time we get done eating it all.

Wildflowers coming back after the goats - dwarf mexican evening primrose. Tough flower that grows in the Sonora desert.

Tree Frog in the BBQ cover. He is just an inch long but there are so many flies for him to eat right now he was really chubby!

Red Coreopsis

 I am going to try and keep the blog entries going with the other activities I am doing, we will see how that goes. 

Happy last few weeks of summer to everyone! I know most of the time it didn't feel like summer, but it was still nice. My favorite season is summer....


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