Saturday, August 13, 2011

MokeHill in the news (sorta)

I subscribe to a few magazines, one of which is just called Hobby Farms, and the new issue I got has an article on goats.  Actually the article is called "The Heartbleat of America" and is about uniquely American goat breeds.One that was listed is the LaMancha which is a popular goat for milking. I was reading the article on how this goat became what it is now and here is the line that made me laugh.
"Whether the goats were actually from Spain, remains a mystery, but LaMancha became the breed's official name. Phoebe Wilhelm of Monkelumne Hill, Calif. purchased several of these imported goats for breeding purposes, crossing them with Toggenburgs. In 1920, she had a herd of 125 and is said to have been the first important breeder in the United States."
What??? They misspelled the name but I know it is Mokelumne Hill. This explains the huge goat culture in those parts, that and the abundance of weeds for them to eat. Of course being the crazy person I am, I am going to see if I can find out if the Wilhelms are still there and if they have goats.

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