Monday, August 29, 2011

Moraga - Redwood Step

My moraga house has a slightly raised wooden step outside both of the sliding glass windows that you use to get to the patio. One side is exposed to the elements and was "squishy" with certain boards feeling like they would break at anytime. I have been wanting to get it fixed but I have been so busy... finally on Sunday, Nick and I did it. We tore out the old one and rebuilt a new one from pressure treated boards and redwood. Here are the pictures..
Space where the step was- yes those are my feet.

debris - the supports were all eaten away by termites

Nick doing that math thing - we actually had exactly the right amount of wood and didn't mess a single board up.

Support Framing

Screwing the frame to the house

Sitting on it to test it

Done! The redwood looks so pretty.
I am very happy with the way it turned out. Nick took the 2 inch wide board that we had left and tacked it to the front to make a trim piece and then he wants to stain it later on. It is solid and doesn't move a bit. So next will be the front deck to the door.. my contractor quoted $5,500 to redo that deck. I think materials would be about $500 at current prices so we are going to try it ourselves. Some day..
(By the way, we did this in one afternoon. About 4 hours of work with 3 injuries to me.... none to Nick.)


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