Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pictures from the weekend

Here are some pictures from this weekend and last..
Before with grey siding and holes

i hope you can see the color it is called cypress green

Woke up to goats in the garden Sat AM - they managed to kill the little apple tree that was coming back to life.
Pine Grove Pizza - Very good and cheap beer!

Munnerlynn's Ice Cream in Pine Grove
 We had the greatest dinner - pizza and ice cream. The ice cream I had was called Chocolate Stout... yes chocolate ice cream made with stout beer and it was just divine! I can't wait to take my next visitors to these places. Pine Grove is a little town up hwy 88 at about 2500 feet elevation... I did look at a house there when I was looking for houses but it just gets too much snow for me. Especially last year!


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